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This school recognises the practice of assessment and reporting as an integral component of the child's education. Detailed and accurate recording of individual student's progress and achievements are vital to the overall development of the child.
It is through the assessment procedure that program effectiveness may be monitored and adapted to meet the needs of all students. Strengths are developed and weaknesses are addressed.
Reporting individual children's achievement, effort and areas for improvement will provide parents with an accurate account of their child's development. It shall include the VELS level at which the student is currently working.


• Assessment will be carried out on a regular basis using a variety of strategies including assessment for, of and as learning.

• Subsequent information shall provide the basis from which reports will be completed.

• Individual student files will be maintained with work samples and assessment date.

• Assessment practices will be subject to regular review and updating.

• Parent/teacher contact will occur as detailed below. **

• VELS based written reports will be provided on two occasions throughout the year.
• Individual pupil reports shall remain confidential between the school, parents and the student.

(The reporting practices of the school reflects personal achievements and are of a non-competitive nature).

Term 1 - Information Bulletin sent home to parents at the beginning of the term. Parent/teacher interview at the end of the term.
Term 3 - Parent/teacher interviews at the beginning of term including a written report focusing on achievements based on the Victorian Essential Learning Standards.
Term 4 - Optional end of year parent/teacher interview including a written report of the students achievements based on the Victorian Essential Learning Standards.

** Interpreting services will be utilised on a needs basis.



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