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Sunsmart Policy

                                               ARDEER SOUTH PRIMARY SCHOOL

Sunsmart Policy


Our Sunsmart policy has been developed to ensure that all children attending this school are protected from skin damage caused by the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun. It is to be implemented throughout the year with particular emphasis in terms one and four.


As part of general Sunsmart strategies our school will -

• ensure that appropriate hats and clothing are worn by the students at recess and lunch times in term one and four
• ensure that adequate shade is provided at sporting carnivals and outdoor events
• provide sufficient shade shelters and trees in the school grounds
• encourage the use of SPF15+ broad spectrum, water resistant sunscreen for staff and students whenever possible
• incorporate programs on skin cancer prevention into the curriculum
• regularly reinforce the Ardeer South Primary School Sunsmart Policy in a positive way through newsletters, parent meetings, student and teacher activities
• require children to wear hats whenever they are outside (eg. recess, lunch, sport, carnivals, excursions and activities).
• direct children who do not have their hats with them to play in an area protected from the sun
• encourage children to use available areas of shade for outdoor play activities
• organise outdoor activities to be held in areas of shade, whenever possible
• schedule outdoor activities before 10.00am and after 2.00pm (11.00am and 3.00pm in summer) whenever possible
• encourage staff to act as role models by practising Sunsmart behaviours:
wearing appropriate hats and clothing for all outdoor activities
using a broad spectrum 15+ water resistant sunscreen for skin protection
seeking shade whenever possible.

When enrolling their children, parents will be:

• informed of the Ardeer South Primary School Sunsmart Policy
• provided with an appropriate hat for their child’s use in terms one and four
• encouraged to provide SPF15+ broad spectrum, water resistant sunscreen for their child’s use
• encouraged to practise sun protective behaviours themselves.




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