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Friday 21st June

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Thursday 27th June

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End of Term 2 - Students dismissed at 2.30

Monday 15th July

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Computer Technology - Acceptable Use

                                                       ARDEER SOUTH PRIMARY SCHOOL

Computer Technology - Acceptable Use Policy

Our students use technology to learn. Technology is essential to facilitate the creative problem solving, information fluency, and collaboration that we see in today’s democratic societies. While we want our students to be active contributors in our connected world, we also want them to be safe, legal, and responsible. This Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) supports our vision of technology use and upholds in our students a strong sense of digital citizenship.

How We Use Technology
The Information Communication Technologies program at Ardeer South Primary School develops in our students the literacy skills they need to contribute in a connected world. We use technology to facilitate creativity and innovation. We use technology to support communication and collaboration. We use technology to extend research and information fluency. We develop in our students a sound understanding of technology operations and concepts. We believe technology can be transformative and we encourage students to use technology to do what they could not otherwise do. We create a safe online environment for everyone. Filtering software keeps unwanted sites off our computers. Adults supervise our students’ computer activities at school.

Our Hardware and Software
Our students can access the Internet via connections that cover the entire school. Digital projectors and interactive whiteboards in the school facilitate group viewing and discussions. Students each have access to a standard suite of software to support their learning needs.

Being a Digital Citizen
At Ardeer South Primary School we use information and technology in safe, legal and responsible ways. We embrace the following conditions or facets of being a digital citizen.




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