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IDIOM of the week


It's a piece of cake - an easy thing to do

To let the cat out of the bag - reveal a secret

Needle in a haystack - a very difficult search

Pull your leg - having a joke with you

Pull the wool over your eyes- to decieve or hoodwink

In a pickle - in a situation

Cross your fingers - to hope or wish for a specific outcome

Bury the hatchet - become friendly again

Curiosity killed the cat - being inquisitive can be dangerous

To cost an arm and a leg - a very expensive item etc

Out of the blue - not expected

(Like) a fish out of water - to feel strange or uncomfortable, not in your usual surroundings

Like pulling teeth - slow and laborious task

To add fuel to the fire - to make things worse

To have a change of heart - to change your mind or your determination

In one ear and out the other - not listening or paying attention/ listening and not understanding

To have your head in the sand - refuse to face the facts/ hide from reality

To have a heart of gold - be very kind sympathetic

Out of the frying poan and into the fire - from one bad situation to another

To bite off more than you can chew - to attempt something you are unable to do

Read between the lines - to see a hiiden meaning, to infer

To put your foot in it - to accidentally say something that embarrasses someone else

To hear it on the grapevine - to be told something by someone who heard it from someone else

To be under the weather - to not be feeling well

To hit the nail on the head- to get it right

At the drop of a hat - immediately, willingly, without preparation

To cut corners  - to do something less well to save money

Let sleeping dogs lie - to leave things as they are

To have egg on your face - to embarrass yourself

To touch base - To briefly make or renew contact with someone

Cross your fingers

Like a bull in a Chinashop

To hold your horses


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