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Issue 15 Friday 20th September

Dear Ardeer South families,

As Term 3 comes to an end, I want to recognise the amazing learning that students have done. It is always lovely to walk in to classrooms and see the passion and effort put into student learning. I hope the students all have a lovely holiday. I look forward to hearing about their adventures when school resumes on Monday 7th October.

Principal Role – Term 4
I was offered the opportunity to be the Acting Principal of Ardeer South at the beginning of Term 2. It is hard to believe that another Term has passed. I would like to inform the community that I have been asked to continue as the Acting Principal for the rest of the year, whilst the Department of Education works through the appropriate processes of appointing the Substantial Principal to the school. I have really enjoyed getting to know all the students, staff and families and look forward to continuing to be a part of this community again next term.

Victorian State School Spectacular
On Saturday night - I had the pleasure of attending the State School Spectacular at Melbourne Arena to watch students from Ardeer South Primary School perform. The annual Victorian State Schools Spectacular program is an invaluable performing arts opportunity for Victoria’s government school students from Prep to Year 12. This was an amazing program that united government school communities through working towards a common goal of more students reaching the highest level of achievement in the arts, ensuring kids are happy, healthy and resilient, and building pride in our schools. It was a fantastic opportunity to be sitting in the audience watching our students perform and being a part of something very special. I was so proud of our students! Their dedication to practice certainly paid off. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms Cronin for her passion and commitment to this opportunity. I also want to thank the staff and parents who supported this event, as these types of events are not possible without a committed group of people. This will be a memory that will last with these students for a very long time.

Bat Tennis Tournament
This week has seen our Grade 3/4/5/6 students compete against staff in a Bat Tennis tournament. It has been great to see the fun had by all staff and students. I have really enjoyed the challenge of playing against the students. We certainly have some very talented students playing tennis.

It is pleasing to see that many of the students have the correct hats and are wearing them outside during recess and lunch. However, some students have needed multiple reminders about wearing hats. Those students not wearing an approved school hat will be required to stay under cover until they have the appropriate hat. No hat….no play. There are new ones available to purchase at the office for $10.

Jump Rope for Heart
On Thursday 12th September we held our Jump Rope for Heart for all students. It was great to see all our students participating in this event and raising money for such a worthy cause. All funds raised go directly to the Heart Foundation.

Curriculum Day
At Mondays School Council Meeting the curriculum day for Term 4 was endorsed. The date of the next curriculum day will be Monday 4th November (day prior to Melbourne Cup). This is a student free day. It will also create an opportunity for a long weekend for students and families.

Planning for 2020
Work on the 2020 grade placement for your children will get underway in early Term 4. If you have any concerns or important information regarding your child’s grade placement for 2020 please put these in writing and address the envelope, marked CONFIDENTIAL, to the Principal : Stuart Telford, before Friday 18th October 2019 (Week 2, Term 4).

Working Bee
The Buildings and Grounds Sub Committee of School Council are holding a ‘Working Bee’ on October 12th at 10.30am.
This is the first Saturday in Term 4.
We are hoping it’s a good opportunity for members of our community to work together to maintain our school.
Some of the items that we will be doing include –
• Weeding in and around existing garden beds.
• Take cuttings from existing natives for later planting projects.
• Checking for damage on the garden irrigation system.
• General trim and weeding, remove any dead plant material.
• Check and tighten bolts.
• Remove dead shrubs.
• Check and repair sandpit edging.
• Check and repair fences.
• Check and tighten bolts on playground.
School Council will also be providing a BBQ to say thank you on the day.

Are you leaving ASPS in 2020?
We understand that some families may be moving houses and there may be other schools closer to your new address. We will always support your child and their transition to a new school. It is very important for to have accurate enrolment numbers for children attending ASPS in 2020. This allows us to achieve the best possible class structures and class sizes can be organised to maximise student engagement, wellbeing and learning.

2020 Prep Enrolments
Prep enrolments for next year are now being taken. Thank you to our current families who have already enrolled their children for 2020. Knowing our enrolment numbers for Prep next year is really important – even at this time of the year! It would be greatly appreciated if you have any children beginning Prep in 2020 that you collect an enrolment form from the office and complete at your earliest convenience. Children must celebrate their fifth birthday by 30th April 2020 to be eligible for school. Parents are required to supply the following information when enrolling:
• Proof of residence
• Proof of age (birth certificate or passport)
• Immunisation certificate

School Values
Our School values are important to us. Remember to Respect, Be Responsible and always put in Effort.

Stuart Telford
Acting Principal


SMS Text Messaging Service - has commenced at Ardeer South PS
Please ensure you let the school know if any contact details have changed. It is very important that we are able to contact parents in the case of illness or accident. The school will now begin contacting parents via SMS messaging system. This will be used to contact parents for student absences, first aid and any other messages that need to be passed on to families. If you have not provided the school with a current mobile number, please ensure you update this at the office.                                


Name Class Award
Roble M F/1A For excellent reading and focus on hius work
Duc V F/1A For escellent writing using his sounds and words correctly
Naomi M F/1B For showing a great understanding of trusting the count in numeracy
Gabriel F 1/2A For being able to use repeated subtraction to solve division problems
Hana M 1/2A For working hard and persisting to get her work done, well done Hana
Christina T 1/2B For her continuous efforts in completing classwork. Well done!
Anshul A 1/2B For reading every night at home this week. Keep up the great work!
Johnny M 2/3A For displaying excellent manners and behaviour at all times
Harry S 2/3A For showing thoughtfulness and regard for our class members
Johnny H 3/4A For actively contributing to class discussions and for developing persistence in his work
Ana L 3/4A For displaying a positive attitude and a consistent effort into all classroom activities
Ryan L 3/4B For having an excellent understanding of adding multiple money totals together!
Bella A 3/4B Making fantastic predictions about the books she is reading!
Liana L 4/5A Completing an amazing invention to solve a sustainabitility issue
Taukiri T 4/5A Your enthusiasm towards all activities. Well done!
Samui T 5/6B Positive attitude and consistent effort she has put into all classroom activities. Well done!
Richard N 5/6B His enthusiasm, hard work and persistence with his sustainability project. Well done!
Lucky M F/1B For showing a great understanding of counting forwards and backwards from a given number
Ofeina T F/1B For working hard and achieving her golden words certificate
Victoria B 1/2A Being a motivated and independent student with a great love of learning. Well done Victoria!
Jarryd S 1/2A For showing respect to his teachers and students in the classroom and yard
Mandje D 2/3A For working hard to improve her reading. Fantastic!
Rylan L 2/3A For working hard to improve his reading. Well done Rylan!
Tino L 2/3A For working hard to improve his reading. Well done Tino!
Jana T 3/4A For a fantastic understanding with solving money problems including total cost and change
Carian T 3/4A For his positive work habits and for being a respectful member of the class
Masiame K 3/4B For making excellent predictions using evidence during reading
Katrina P 3/4B For making a fantastic simple machine for our theme unit
Nathan N 4/5A Consistent improvement in writing. An excellent paragraph written from a visual prompt.
Daniel J 4/5A A great cleaning invention to save our planet. Well done!
Nicholas B 5/6B For demonstrating a great understanding of place value in decimals
Afrah T 5/6B For contributing to a great discussion of decimals in Numeracy

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