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Monday 2nd December
Parents & Friends Meeting 3.35

Thursday 5th December
Building & Grounds Meeting 3.35

Friday 6th December
Year F/1 Breakfast 8am

Monday 9th December
School Council 3.35
School Council Dinner 6pm

Tuesday 10th December
Foundation 2020 Transition Parent session
Year 6 Orientation Day
Year 1-Year 5 Step Up Day

Wednesday 11th December
Yr 1/2 Itsy Bitsy Chef Incursion

Thursday 12th December
Yr 5/6 Cricket Gala
Volunteers Morning Tea 9.30am

Wednesday 18th December
Year 6 Graduation 5pm

Thursday 19th December
Year 6 lunch & activities

Friday 20th December
End of Term 4 – 1.15pm Final Assembly at 12.15pm


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This Month

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Dear Ardeer South Families,

We have had another exciting fortnight at Ardeer South Primary School with a lot happening behind the scenes. It’s always lovely to hear teachers buzzing at this time of the year, celebrating the learning growth that students have made over the course of the year as they complete end of year assessments.

Principal News
At last week’s assembly I had the pleasure of informing the school of my successful appointment to the substantive Principal position at Ardeer South Primary School for the next 5 years. I am looking forward to working with the staff and community in the future. I am really looking forward to making sure that we are providing every student with opportunities to grow and learn. It is certainly an exciting time ahead and I am looking forward to leading the school towards the school motto “Preparing for the Future”

Prep Transition
This week has seen our 2020 Prep children attend their third transition session. During this transition session, our 2020 Prep children had the opportunity to meet their Grade 5 ‘Buddies’ for next year. The students had a great time engaging in activities. I am not sure who had the most fun! It is lovely to see our future Prep children so positive and happy at school.

School Banking
This week I have been told by one of our parents (Oli), that she will be unable to continue doing the school banking next year due to work commitments. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Oli for taking the time to support this school program. I also want to thank and recognise Sibell who also helps out with school banking.
As the year comes to an end, the school banking will also end on 11th December. If you would like to support this program next year, please let me know as it would be great to see some of our parents helping in this area. Banking occurs every Wednesday morning. Oli and Sibell will be very happy to have some new faces helping out and will gladly offer support/training on how to process students banking.

Bikes and Scooters
At last weeks assembly I informed students that they are allowed to ride their bikes and scooters to school. However, they must have their parents permission and they must also wear a helmet. I wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate those students who have taken up this offer. I am proud of the way we have used their bikes and scooters. I am also happy to say that they are being very respectful of school rules by not riding them in school grounds.

Toys at School
If a student decides to bring a toy to school it is their responsibility to look after it. We recommend that students always label their belongings. We also recognise that when students are playing, toys may get broken. Whilst we don’t want toys being broken or getting lost, we also recognise that by bringing toys to school this may happen. Please speak to your children about looking after their belongings and being selective about what toys they choose to bring to school.

Crossing Roads
Can I please ask that parents take this opprtunity to speak to their children about safe crossing of roads. Unfortunately, our school does not meet the Brimbank Council criteria to have crossing supervisors. Therefore, we require children to demonstrate safe road awareness when traveling to and from school. Parents can help by showing their children how to cross roads safely, as well as remaining a cautious driver when in vehicles around the school. At last weeks assembly I played the students the following YouTube clip (www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbyKZ_zUGRg) that shows students how to ‘Stop, Look, Listen, Think”. Please share this with your children at home.

2020 Classes
It is hard to imagine that we are approaching the end of week 8, leaving us with 3 weeks of school left for 2019, and what a busy 3 weeks they will be. The teachers are currently busy writing the students end of year reports and the leadership team are working on finalising our staffing for 2020. Once completed teachers will be assigned to classes and roles for next year. The final staff list will be announced in the last newsletter for the school year.

Canteen 2020
As mentioned in the previous newsletter, the school canteen was unanimously recognised as being required for the school as indicated through the whole school survey.
As a result of this, we are now seeking proposals from interested providers to oversee the canteen.
If you know anyone interested in running the canteen, please ask them to present an expression of interest to the school, along with a proposed menu by Friday 6th December – addressed to the Principal.
These details will then be provided to School Council on Monday 9th December for consultation.

School Values
Our School values are important to us. Remember to Respect, Be Responsible and always put in Effort.

Stuart Telford
Acting Principal



Term 4 Sports Clinics

Friday, November 15th - Grade 3/4 Hot Shot Tennis Clinics

Friday, November 29th - Grade 3/4 Hot Shot Tennis Clinics

Friday, December 6th - Grade 3/4 Hot Shot Tennis Clinics

Friday, December 13th - Grade 3/4 Hot Shot Tennis Clinics

We have also been granted $800 worth of Hot Shots tennis equipment thanks to Sporting Schools. This equipment will be used for our Interschool Sports and P.E programs.

Morgan Belbruno


Year 6 Graduation Fundraising

Every Wednesday and Thursday we will be selling icy poles for $1 each to raise funds for the Year 6 graduation.


Name Class Award
Baran G F/1A For having a positive attitude to learning and making a big effort during literacy sessions this week.
Sahar H F/1A For improved confidence in talking and sharing with her classmates and teachers
Mayaba K F/1B For always putting a lot of effort into her work presentation
Emilia L F/1B For working very well independently on her literacy skills. Well done,
Hana M 1/2A Working hard during numeracy sessions and demonstrating great strategies.
Athan E 1/2A Welcome to Ardeer South Primary School.
Raqia S 1/2B For always putting in 100% effort in everything she does. Keep it up!
Ricky C 1/2B For always working well independently and helping his friends in class.
Athena E 3/4A For settling in well to her new school and interacting positively with others.
Lincoln F 3/4A For contributing to class discussions and for his excellent writing efforts.
Maximus F 3/4B For making excellent inferences during reading time.
Aslan M 3/4B For being an enthusiastic learner, that tries to challenge himself.
Zaroon H F/1B For reading expressively during guided reading sessions.
Manoah B F/1B For writing an excellent narrative with great ideas
Yasir T 1/2A For working hard during numeracy sessions and producing great ‘who am I?’ questions for 3D objects.
Victoria B 1/2A For working hard during writing sessions and producing great list poems.
Aiden K 1/2B For writing a fantastic list poem about what he sees at the beach
Christina T 1/2B For improved confidence in talking and sharing with her classmates and teachers
Ana L 3/4A For displaying responsible behaviour and for carrying out tasks independently.
Carian T 3/4A For being a well mannered and responsible class member. Well done!
Daniel L 3/4B For always putting in 100% effort into all tasks set for him.
Amir S 3/4B For having a positive attitude to learning and school.
Maiden G 4/5A Thinking beyond the text about the writer’s craft when reading.
Arham F 4/5A Showing reasoning when you are problem solving in numeracy. Well done! 
Jacom C 5/6A For having a clear understanding of Cartesian Coordinates and being enthusiastic!
Andre N 5/6A For his persistence and hard work in Numeracy and completing an informative Explanation Text.
Samui T 5/6B A fantastic explanation text on how volcanoes erupt. Well Done!
Melody M 5/6B Displaying positive work habits and for being a respectful member of our community.

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