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Monday 12th August

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Wednesday 14th August

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Thursday 29th August

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Monday 2nd September

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Thursday 12th September

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Friday 13th September

State Schools Spectacular Rehearsal

Saturday 14th September

Victorian State Schools Spectacular – Melbourne Arena


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Information for Parents

Enrolment Information

To start primary school your child will need to turn five years old by 30 April in the year that they start school. Your child must be at school in the year that they turn six years of age. This is the compulsory school starting age. You can enrol your child at any time during the year.

To enrol your child you are required to complete an enrolment form and provide the school with important information about your child, including:

  • evidence of your child’s date of birth (birth certificate, or, if they were not born in Australia, a passport or travel document such as a visa)
  • your contact details (address and phone number), and that of any other parent, guardian and/or carer
  • names and contact details of emergency contacts (this could be grandparents, other relatives or friends)
  • Medicare card number
  • information about the languages you and your child speak at home
  • details of any parenting orders or legal matters to do with the care or safety of your child (service providers are obliged to keep your information private)
  • if you have concerns about your child’s enrolment, you can make a friendly phone call to follow up.

Enrolment forms are available at the school. If you need an interpreter to help complete the enrolment form, administration staff can help organise this for you. Contact the office for more information or to arrange a tour.

Moving from year 6 to 7

The year 6 transition coordinator will distribute Secondary School application forms and information to Year 6 students during the month of April.
Decide which school you want your child to go to for year 7, complete the form and return it to the year 6 coordinator asap.
Year 7 placement is decided by secondary schools. However, all communication about placement must be with the year 6 coordinator until the placement is confirmed, usually during the month of August.



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